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It was early 2016, I want to say February or March, and my lovely wife, Averil, says to me . . .

Averil: “Do you think you could get some time off at the beginning of next year?”

We have previously disappeared for around 3 weeks early in the year to do a bit of middle-class backpacking around Cambodia, Cuba and Vietnam. Prior to that we have done our fare share of traveling before we met . . . so naturally I thought we were talking about something similar. However, since our last 3 week trip, we have had a little girl, Georgina – just turned 2 years old, plus we are expecting a new baby in June 2016. But yeah . . . a holiday sounds lovely!

Me: “Yeah . . . I am sure I can manage it. You thinking of going away somewhere for a a couple of weeks, maybe three?”

Averil: “Erm . . . how would you feel about 12 weeks!”

Me: “H’uh?!?”

Let’s back up a little.

We are your fairly typical family of (now) four from the North of England. My name is Adam, my gorgeous wife there is Averil and our two beautiful kids, Georgina and Franklin. Averil and I definitely love to travel, we love to experience new places and to see the world, but we like our home comforts, our home, our friends, our families and where we live. So we wouldn’t by any means class ourselves as a modern age nomadic family.

Franklin was born in May 2016, which meant Averil would hopefully be on maternity leave until May 2017. We’d recently been to a family wedding where we had been talking to a cousin of mine who disappeared off to Australia a couple of years ago and this particular family wedding is the first time he has been back since then. I am convinced this is what got my wife thinking.

Around the same time there was a story in the news about a Mum who spent her maternity leave travelling around the world.

These two events conspired to give Averil an idea!


Back to that conversation I started off with . . .

Initially I thought this was crazy. We would just have had a baby, only one of us would be earning, who takes 3 MONTHS off work, who would look after the cats?

But then I thought about it, or Averil convinced me . . . one of the two. Averil was on maternity leave, so she wouldn’t need to use up her holiday. I own my own company and that time of the year is traditionally pretty quiet. That baby we just had would actually be 7 months old and therefore fairly portable, but also just robust enough, Georgina wouldn’t yet have started school and I am sure someone would look after the cats.

I went from, “No  . . we can’t do that!” to “Wow . . . how can we NOT do it” in about the space of an hour!

So that’s how it all started

This blog is probably only going to be read by our family and maybe some of our friends wanting to keep up with our travels. It will also serve as a bit of a journal for us to remember what we did. But our hope is that a few other families will discover it and maybe we will inspire more ordinary families to do something most people don’t do  . . . and see the world with their kids . . .and do it right now!

We haven’t sold our house, or the cars, or the cats. We just saved a bit, used some savings – what else are they there for if not for something like this and planned as much as possible to keep money under control.

So why wait . . . why wait until later . . you never know what is going to happen, so go on . . . have an adventure now!


We hope you enjoy the blog!