Bangkok with a baby, Thailand with a Toddler… were we crazy?

So daytime flights…. way better for us! The kids even napped and Adam watched a third of a film 😂   AND we got the seats with the bassinet (yay!)

But a food tray with no seat in front of you makes eating with a toddler…. erm interesting! We didn’t have a disaster this time…. but I predict one before the end of our trip!!

Arrived safe and sound… got swept through the diplomats track at passport control (thank you cute kids!) Got our bags, got through customs…. so quickly & smoothly!

Off we went in search of our driver…. when I get a message on WhatsApp ‘Hi’ ‘you’ve got my Osprey bag‘. Shit…. I’d just walked through customs with someone else’s bag . . in Thailand!! I’m pretty sure the lovely Scottish Alison who’s bag we ‘stole’ wasn’t in fact a drug mule 🙏🏻😳 Thank god I bought luggage tags & labelled them with my phone number!! Can’t even begin to imagine the next few days if she hadn’t messaged us!

We eventually found our driver & eventually made to the apartment at 10pm Bangkok time…. (so 7pm Dubai time… easily bedtime for G&F) Apartment is gorgeous…. but is very much a business rather than the home from home Airbnb I’m used to…. not even a bottle of water left… let alone a pint of milk and a loaf (totally British essentials I know!!) … Luckily we brought a packet of Tilda kids microwave rice… so 40 seconds & ding – G is being fed something reasonably healthy 😬. G & F go to bed & off Adam trots to the shops… traditional Thai Nutella sandwiches & the obligatory rum & Coke for supper 😂😂   (Q: If we drink a bottle of rum in a week – does it make us alcoholics or pirates??)

We booked 5 nights in Bangkok… with the main aim to catch up with the clock & relax in to the trip… but obviously we wanted to experience a bit of the Thai capital while we were here!

One of the reasons I booked the apartment was its proximity to Lumpini Park…. huge green space with playgrounds etc that I figured would be easy entertainment. Off we went….

What I hadn’t realised when booking was that there was a 6 lane road to cross to get there…

Luckily (?!) there was a crossing – up & down 30+ steps – this was the first and last time we used pushchairs in Thailand 😂😂

We had great fun & watching G making friends… she was, of course, instructing her new minions ‘hold my hand’ ‘let’s go down the slide together’ & completely ignoring the fact that one of them spoke Thai & the other German!

We’ve also been swimming nearly every day as the complex has a swimming pool… an infinity pool with beautiful views of….. several 6 lane roads 😂😂 you can’t have everything!

Food has been generally fab…. from our splurge meal with cocktails at Issaya Siamese Club…. to hole in the wall place eating pork omelette & rice…. to pizza & beer (sometimes it’s just what you fancy!!)

We’ve had one full on ‘travelling’ type day – heading to Wat Pho… via MTR (underground), BTS (skytrain) and Chao Phraya Express (boat)… We wondered if we were crazy for trying but really wanted to give it a go…. REALLY thought we were in for trouble when G was still singing ‘Old Macdonald’ at 10pm the night before!

So with children in a Littlelife Backpack and an Ergo Stowaway… (We seemed to cause quite a stir!). We had a great day… G coped without her nap… and with multiple people taking her picture and shaking her hand. We didn’t push it (The Grand Palace was right there!!!) but decided that one thing a day was enough – and if we added The Grand Palace on we might end up with a FBT (floor based tantrum) and it would spoil the day!  G’s highlights of the day… coconut ice cream from a street vendor…. followed by ‘fruit lollipop’ (Mango on a stick!)

Our last day has been another day of chilling & swimming. I’m writing this during ‘family nap time’ (which unfortunately F has decided not to observe!) Can’t believe we’re heading to New Zealand tomorrow!! Luckily we’ll be travelling with a full pack of clean clothes!

Got to love getting your washing all done for a fiver!!

Now – here’s hoping we get the right bag at the other end! 😂😂

8 thoughts on “Bangkok with a baby, Thailand with a Toddler… were we crazy?

  1. Av I am so proud of you ❤️ So many people won’t even go out as “the child has to do this that or the other”. You guys totally rock

  2. You did exactly the same thing as Ben did at Bangkok!! Except we didn’t discover the wrongness of bag until we were in our lovely hotel in central Bangkok… Thank goodness for the lovely concierge in our hotel – who sorted everything for us and we *only* had to get another taxi alllll the way back to the airport, and meet Mr B Walsh, who had Ben’s (identical) bag.
    We *had* been pulled aside and questioned on our first trip through customs (must look dodgy), but thankfully they didn’t search any of our things – that would have been a monumentally awkward time to discover the wrongness of bag…
    Anyway – loving the posts darling, thrilled you’re having such an ace time! Big love & cuddles all round xxx

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