I’d done a lot of research… read family travel blogs… listened to podcasts… Most said ‘fly at night’ – you don’t have to entertain the kids, they’ll be asleep so they won’t mind being still…. Brilliant plan!  Turns out my children didn’t read these blogs… G must have read the ones about staying awake, asking constant questions, and announcing every half hour ‘we’ve landed!’ At 1.30am UK time G finally went to sleep…. giving her 2 hours until we landed in Dubai at 7.30am….

So in summary:  Overnight flight + fomo children = little sleep.

Thank goodness for our fabulous friends Rod & Munazza giving us somewhere to nap and feeding us none stop until our Airbnb apartment was available. 😘

After wonderful hospitality… including a Sunday roast… Rod then insisted on giving us a lift to our apartment.. and Munazza tried to send us off with a week’s supply of food for the next 24hrs 😂😂… We totally feel like we’ve cheated as we’ve been looked after none stop!! We managed to get away with just taking pasta & pesto…. and a couple of fresh young coconuts to mix with our Rum. (We always carry a bottle of Havana Club when travelling!).

At the apartment we were quickly unpacked (yay amazing packing cubes!) bath & bed for the kids… a quick shower for us & then rum on the balcony with baby monitors 🍹🍹😴😴

As planned – we had a very chilled day on Monday… a little wander around the lake next to our apartment… lunch… family nap time…. then swimming on the roof of our apartment! Pretty awesome views!

We were then spoilt yet again with Rod & Munazza coming for dinner…. and bringing it with them!! Somehow we were so busy chatting I totally forgot to take any photos! We didn’t go tooo crazy, as we were up at 5am to pack & get a taxi at 6am as our flight to Bangkok was at 9.30am…. Now let’s see how a daytime flight goes!!

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