On advice – we stayed just outside Melbourne in St Kilda… brilliant advice!! We were pretty shattered when we arrived after 8 days of driving & visiting different places & were looking forward to a week in the same place. Shortly after arriving, Adam & I had a different point of view on what was funny… considering we’ve been together 24/7 it’s amazing it took this long for one of us to have a sense of humour failure… (me!!) So Adam & the kids went for a wander along the sea front… …I had a rum & Coke and faffed on Facebook for half an hour… amazing what a difference a little break can make! 😆 We ordered Burritos to be delivered… hallelujah Deliveroo!!

We took it fairly easy for the week…. several days just wandering down to the beach (5 mins away) . . .. . or to the Botanic Gardens – with obligatory playground (20 mins away). St Kilda just had a lovely friendly family feel… though there were many cool bars on the beachfront that we passed….. enviously eyeing the cocktails while carrying bucket & spade & a sandy toddler!

There was a BBC news item on an Australian lake that had turned pink… and it happened to be 15 minutes from where we were staying… so we went for ‘a quick nosey’. (Which is a phrase G now uses and it sounds so funny!’). We considered driving to Ramsey Street… but then we realised that Adam and I hadn’t watch Neighbours this century… so it wasn’t a great use of our time!

We had a trip out to Healesville Sanctuary (as recommended by our favourite petrol station attendant). Totally different to our last experience in the pouring rain… this time we were baking… and all the animals were lying down in the shade (as G hopped by the kangaroos trying to demonstrate what she expected of them!). We did get to meet Maggie – a friendly wombat that had been hand-reared after being orphaned. Have to say the giant guinea-pig like creature made me slightly nervous when snuffling at my legs…. especially when the zoo keeper says sometimes she gives a ‘little nip’. Luckily she didn’t… she just enjoyed being patted & fed sweet potato!
It seemed rude to come to Melbourne without REALLY going to Melbourne… so we caught the tram in… … had a nosey at some shops… replaced the Fitbit charger that I’d accidentally stood on…. ate lunch… went to an ‘Art play’ place for G – which wasn’t running… and ticked ‘Melbourne’ off on our to do list! It had a nice feel – and I can imagine really enjoying going out for lunch & having a glass of wine, watching the outdoor cinema etc when it doesn’t involved herding and cajoling 😂😂
To be fair… we may have done more but F has been grumpy & running a temperature so we tried to take it easy & let him have time to crawl around (still backwards?!) rather than be strapped in to car or pushchair too often. Sadly this has meant he is now a nighttime feeder again 🍩🍪🍨😂. Ah well – he’ll have jet lag when we get home so no point worrying about timings now!!!
On a little aside…. during our travels around Australia we have seen the fire risk signs…. and think they could also relate to risk of toddler tantrums… going straight from low to high … moving swiftly to catastrophic 😂

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