Soggy Sydney . . . . or should that be Sunny Sydney?

We arrived at our Sydney apartment fairly late… (due to a combination of factors… flight was delayed by an hour . . . . .had to wait for hire car, re-put (it should be a word!) the 2 car seats in properly, pick up the keys from a random letter box 5km from our apartment…oh and all this with a 2hr time difference) but the kids had eaten on the plane & so that was helpful!

We were on the 6th floor – which was nice & it felt open on the balcony whereas the lower ones could have shared a bottle of Shiraz with their opposite neighbour without too much trouble!  Adam was less appreciative of 6 floors when the lifts stopped working as he was bringing our bags in….. 😫up 6 flights of stairs! The apartment, however, was lovely. Light, open and modern and in the very trendy, apparently, neighbourhood of Pyrmont and Darling Harbour.

Unfortunately the forecast for the whole week we were in Sydney was rain.... so although we were shattered…. when the next day dawned reasonably bright… we thought we better seize the moment and go for a wander.   Then after a general mooch near our apartment around Darling Harbour – we thought we should try & see Sydney Opera House etc before rain descended… G requested her ‘magic pushchair’ (The pockitt stroller that we carry in the basket under F’s pushchair).  Just a 20ish minute walk later – and Adam and I are looking at Sydney Opera house... . it doesn’t look quite so impressive in the gloom, both G & F are asleep, the sky is grey, we are hungry and tired.  We weren’t exactly feeling the joy…. I guess that’s the danger of feeling you HAVE to see something.  We set off back to the apartment & to grab some lunch nearby … a very tasty big mushroom & cheese burger 🍔 suddenly made the world a much happier place!!

That afternoon Adam had to take the rental car back (after realising passenger side headlight & indicator wasn’t working) – they swapped the car over to a different one as it was going to take 2 hours to change the light! Still, it meant a bit of a drive for Adam.

On the Saturday our Sydney experience improved greatly – we went to visit Matt & Raewyn who I met years ago when I was in China…. between us we now have 3 babies & a dog… so things are a little different – less booze, less sleep, more herding. 😂

The weather forecasts remained poor each day… and as each day dawned we didn’t know what to do.  Although during our week in Sydney we had several showers – it was nothing like the downfall predicted!  We even made it to Manly . .

. . via the ferry which was fantastic as we could catch it from Darling Harbour – a 5 minute stroll from our place.  This time we got to see Sydney (and the Opera House) at its glorious best – from the water – in the sunshine! Manly was wonderful, a real getaway from the city and the sun was so strong we found ourselves having to look for shade!

What rain?!?

The following day we started to really appreciate the Pyrmont area and why its locals seem to love it so much, we found a local playground Pirrama Park – where Adam was entertained building dams in the sand and G played a bit too 😂😂 What’s more the cafe next to the park – Zebra Lounge – was unexpectedly fantastic & F enjoyed sharing my Haloumi, pea & mint fritters!  We were recommended the Powerhouse museum by several people…  it sounded great…. but we wimped out.  It’s one thing to have a free museum trip ruined by a stroppy toddler (see Wellington, NZ post) – it’s another to spend $40 on the privilege!!

In amongst all of this… we decided we need to nudge F in to some better sleep patterns (as since he started teething in Kaikoura – he’s been up roughly every 2 hours most nights 😫)  So during our time is Sydney we had 3 tough nights of persuading F that night time wasn’t feeding time….. and on the 4th night he slept 11pm – 6am…. hallelujah 🎉 (reality check – he has since decided his time to get up is between 5am and 6am – but this is a massive step forward!!)

We feel like we’ve caught up with ourselves a little after nearly a week in Sydney…  We got used to being in a big city again, Adam got to meet up with some work colleagues … and we gradually felt more & more at home… and loved the area we were in.  But now, just as we were settling in to Sydney life, it’s time to get on our way… we have a week to drive to Melbourne!

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