So . . . this is the plan!

Here goes with the first post and I thought I would give you an overview of the plan we are undertaking and an insight in to the planning process . . . or at least our planning process.

We are heading off on the 7th January 2017 first of all stopping in Dubai for a couple of nights to break up the flight lengths and hopefully to minimise any jet-lag for both us and the kids. Then it’s on to Bangkok for a few nights again to break up the journey, but we have a few more nights in Bangkok to soak up a bit of local culture. Then it’s the big one . . . off to Christchurch in New Zealand.

We are spending around 5 weeks traveling around New Zealand, starting on the South Island and heading (roughly) north and ending in Aukland.

Then it is on to Australia, again for about 5 weeks. We are travelling around from Sydney to Adelaide via Melbourne and a few other places along the way.

At the end of our travels in Australia it is time to head for home . . . but we are not quite done yet. We head to Tokyo first for several nights in the hope of catching the famous Cherry Blossom and then finally home via Dubai again as a pit stop to minimise those flight lengths and jet-lag.

So that is the plan. At the beginning of this post I said I would give an insight in to the planning process, and I would, but if I am really honest, I have done almost none of the planning. This is firmly Averil’s domain and something that I find a chore and Averil finds a pleasure  . . . so I am more than happy to leave this to her. For that reason I really should let her tell you about the planning preparations.

Hope you enjoy keeping up with our travels . . .


[This post was finally completed on the 3rd January 2017 just a few days before we leave and about 6 months after I wrote the first two lines and uploaded the picture!]





One thought on “So . . . this is the plan!

  1. I found it! Looking forward to living vicariously through you all. Will be with you in spirit, every step of the way… (You’ll have to do more than circumnavigate the globe to shake me off…)
    Happy Travels, Chatterleys!
    Love from Han & bump xxx

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